During fabric processing, the protective agent dispersion surrounds each fiber with an invisible
protective film. This durable film provides excellent maintenance and durability of quality cotton apparel. 

While the protective agent surrounds individual fibers, the fiber interspaces are retained and consequently, the breathability remains intact. 


 Nu Dimension’s processing utilizes a finishing technology which results in water repellence on the face of the fabric, and water absorption on the fabric side that is close to the body. 

Moisture is repelled on the outside and perspiration is absorbed on the inside.

The perspiration produced by the body is carried away by the moisture-attracting fibers, is spread over a wide area, and thus evaporates quickly, thereby supporting the body’s own cooling function.  


Since the face of the fabric repels moisture, perspiration is prevented from escaping to the outside. Therefore, perspiration marks are greatly minimized, and jackets worn over shirts are protected from the effects of perspiration.