The processes our fabrics are subjected to allow for moisture to be repelled from the face of the fabrics, while simultaneously, the fabrics’ fibers that are against the body absorb any perspiration produced by the wearer and that perspiration is carried away by moisture-attracting fibers and spread over a wide area.

Moisture is repelled on the outside and perspiration is absorbed on the inside.

The perspiration produced by the body is carried away by the moisture-attracting fibers, is spread over a wide area, and thus evaporates quickly, thereby supporting the body’s own cooling function.

This allows for rapid perspiration evaporation, thus providing a cooling effect.

Since the fabric’s face repels moisture, perspiration is prevented from escaping to the outside, thus resulting in perspiration marks minimization. Perspiration stains are significantly less visible on the outside of the garment.

One of the major advantages of this treatment is that any jacket worn on a shirt or blouse remains unaffected by human perspiration, whether that fabric is odor free or not.